Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ballerina Princess Balloon Bash: The Planning

Laura is going to be THREE YEARS OLD in a nanosecond.  And while we have celebrated her birthday with family, we still need to celebrate with her friends.  Three-year-olds care about their birthdays, for real.  So obviously I need to plan some enormous party.


I promised (myself) I wouldn't go crazy for her first birthday.  (I sorta did)

I promised (myself) I wouldn't go crazy for her second birthday.  (I really did)

So this year, I was determined not to go crazy for her third birthday.  But... I'm well on my way to planning the craziest party yet.  I'm not sure how this keeps happening to me.  Except, perhaps in my determination to have Mom Friends, I am a little too inclusive when planning birthday parties?

All ten children I invited to Laura's party are planning to attend.  Which includes some 12-15 grown-ups.  As well as Laura, Gavin, Nate and me.  It all adds up to 30-something people at my house.  At 11:00 am.  On Saturday.  Oops.

But it's going to be a fabulous Ballerina Princess Balloon Birthday Bash!  Here are some of my inspiration pins from Pinterest!

Balloons.  Because kids love them... and my friend does some really fabulous balloon sculpture work!

Source: via Lisa @ Charlie The Cavalier on Pinterest

She's making something along these lines to decorate our front porch!

Source: via Teri on Pinterest

Crowns and sceptors, because all Princess Ballerinas (and their little boy friends) need dress-up clothes made of balloons!


These are the invitations I sent out to her friends.


I would absolutely love to make something like this for her cupcakes... but... I'm facing some time restrictions.


Remember how I was sick all weekend?  That stupid flu kept me in bed and unable to shop.  My wallet (and husband) are thankful, but I have yet to buy stupid things like plates and napkins.  So I doubt I'll have time to find a cupcake stand to decorate with tulle by Saturday!  I plan to start baking cupcakes tonight, which I can always serve on a large platter.

So far I'm three for three for planning "small - I promise!" parties that turn into huge affairs.  Three for three for scrambling at the last minute to get everything done.  And hopefully I'm three for three in throwing fabulously fun parties for my sweet, three-year-old ballerina princess!