Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Blustery Night

Gavin awoke several times last night, even before Nate and I had gone to bed.  Something about the howling, rattling wind buffeting the house.  Or the extremely dark night.  Or the bitter chill we felt, even snug in our house and jammies.  Gavin was scared and sobbing, and I couldn't just leave him.  So into the guest bed he and I went.  I got him arranged on a pillow with his blankie and octopus.  Then I got myself arranged with my numerous pillows, got all snuggled up and ready to sleep, and BAM!

Got smacked in the face for the first time in the night by a certain someone's very hard head.

We are not a co-sleeping family.  To clarify, I have enough trouble sleeping by myself, much less next to another breathing human (Nate included).  Gavin apparently is very much into sleep cuddles and spooning and face smashing.  No matter how many times I moved him back to his own spot, I would feel his silky, soft wisps of hair nuzzling my cheek again within moments.

We spent the night snuggled together, Gavin sideways across the full-sized bed (hogging it, of course), and my marveling at the softness of his fine, blonde hair.  I didn't sleep very well or very much with my little buddy a little too closely snuggled in, but it was rather lovely feeling so wanted and needed.

Gavin won't be my baby for very much longer.  Little brother is due in 9 weeks, and I expect him to make his presence very loudly known.  We talk with Laura all the time about how I will always love her so, so much, but will be distracted by the new baby.  She doesn't like it, but she gets it.  She remembers Gavin coming home and needing more turns more frequently. 

Gavin doesn't have a clue what's in store for him.  I don't know how to prepare him for the change, as he's not yet conversant.  By that I mean, I know he understands most of what we say to him, but he only answers back about his love of shoes, socks, and strawberry cereal bars.  He's in for a rude surprise in the next few weeks, and I'm a little sad for him.

So as sad as I was to lie awake last night, getting bashed in the face repeatedly, I am not upset.  My little guy needed me last night, to feel safe from the storm.  Just as I needed the chance to soak up as many of his sweet hugs as possible before my arms are needed more immediately elsewhere.