Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Picasso

As an art history major, daughter of an artist, granddaughter to a prolific oil painter, it brings me so much joy to see Laura's artwork take off.  Random scribbles no more, Laura is drawing real, discernible scenes.

A portrait of our family in front of our fireplace:
The black is the soot.  Laura is seated to the left, Gavin is next to her with the fluffy hair.  Nate and I are standing to the right; I have the "enormous" tummy.

This is the children in their playhouse:
Gavin has the yellow hair to the right.  Riesling is the large, yellow labradoodle to the left (the resemblance is spot on).

A portrait of my aunt's two cats.
Lily is a white and orange cat; Laura left her open, since she couldn't draw white.  Scupper is brown with black stripes.

Cinderella next to her carriage:
The carriage is the rounded yellow part with the four black wheels at the bottom.

"The sky, a house with steps and even toys"

So maybe they aren't so amazing to every eye.  But to me, these drawings are more precious than the Mona Lisa.