Monday, January 27, 2014

Pajama Party!

Laura's party was so much fun to plan this year, in part because she was so involved in the details!  She asked for a party where her friends would wear pajamas, with a pin the ___ on the ___ game, and a cake that tasted like strawberry, was pink on the inside with white frosting, rainbow sprinkles and real strawberries as decoration.  Pretty specific!  And luckily very easy for me to oblige!

In the end, Laura agreed to have a waffle bar: waffles (Bisquik for the win!), whipped cream, butter, chocolate chips, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, syrup, honey, sugar... And KFC chicken with gravy!!  The waffle bar was delicious and fun and super easy (I precooked the waffles and kept them warm in the oven.  Of course I didn't get a picture of the bar all set up!

Laura and I settled on Pin the Carrot on Olaf, since we are so obsessed with Frozen (and I found this great image on Google, credits go to I'm not exactly sure...)!  I PhotoShopped Olaf's nose off, and printed it at 150% and taped it together.  As it turned out, Laura majorly cheated and none of the boys cared to play.  Laura was thrilled, and that's all that matters!

A few searches on my beloved Pinterest really made the planing exceptionally easy.  Behold the cake!  A shout out to Pillsbury Strawberry Cake mix and classic white frosting.  I am so proud of this cake!

And it was delicious, too!!!

No survivors...

Laura talked me and Nate into wearing jammies, too.  I only wish we had taken a photo with Gavin, too.  (Please also note the 34 week belly...)

We ended the party with a Pandora Disney Channel dance party.  So, so much fun!

Favors were mini cereal boxes with thank-you puns taped on, and mini flashlights that were a huge hit with the 4 and under set.

Seriously, such an easy and fun party!!  And I can't believe Laura is two days from FOUR!!!!  We'll celebrate as a family by going out for Mexican on Wednesday :)