Thursday, January 9, 2014

Baby Update

It's been a while, and since I had my 31 week visit on Tuesday I figured I'd type some of it out.  In summary, my check-up was fine.  I passed the glucose test with such a wide margin, my blood sugar might actually be too low.  My iron levels are still crazy high, too.  The bad news: Baby is breech. 

I felt him do some funny (painful) moves a week or so ago, and was suspicious of his movements and position.  The doctor felt around and thought he might be head down... till she went to find his heartbeat.  When she finally got a reading, she had a funny expression on her face - I could tell the heartbeat just wasn't in the right place!  So she fired up the ultrasound, and sure enough his butt is down and his head is up!  It's too soon to worry about his position yet, but of course I'm nervous.  I do not want a c-section!

How far along: 31 weeks, 3 days
Total weight gain/loss: Currently weighing 165, so I think up 20 pounds or so.

Maternity clothes? I feel like I have about three outfits.  I can't find any of the long-sleeved shirts I had with Laura, so I've had to buy some new clothes for this pregnancy.  I alternate between a pair of jeans, a pair of skinny jeans, and two pairs of leggings on days I have to leave the house. 

Sleep: It's ok when I'm in the guest room, but only because the Zoloft makes me drowsy.  Nights I'm in the master bedroom, I have to take Benadryl as well to sleep through the painful mattress and sharing a space with a breathing human (sorry, Nate!)

Best moment this week: Spending some alone time with Laura yesterday (I picked her up early after meeting with her new teachers to talk about making friends).

Movement: Constant.  And this weird fluttery thing that the other two kids never did.  Of course, the other two kids weren't breech!

Food cravings: Pop-tarts!  And Little Debbie Zebra Cakes!  And cookies!  Cocoa!  SUGAR!!  All the things sugar!!  And yet, my blood sugar is low... go figure.

Gender: Boy! Definitely a boy, confirmed by the vivid private-parts shot in the ultrasound the other day.

Labor signs:Not, just some standard tightening of my belly when I have to pee.

What I’m looking forward to this week: A night out with Nate while my SIL watches the kids!  And taking Laura to see Frozen (again) on Sunday with some friends.

What I miss: Sleeping without relying on medicine and full-sized spare beds.

Weekly wisdom: I had previously just assumed my third delivery would go just like the other two: my water would break, I'd head to the hospital without contractions, be induced, and wind up with a baby half a day later.  But that might not be the case here.  The baby certainly has time (and space) to flip back around, but I can't count on that.  Suddenly I have to plan for a potential c-section (and associated recovery time!).  It's not ideal, but I guess I'll just have to roll with the punches (and kicks and jabs).

Milestones: Glucose test passed and in the rear-view mirror.  Nine more weeks (give or take) till we get to meet baby #3.  Which is the same amount of time I have left to soak up Laura and Gavin as much as possible before their little lives get flipped on their heads (pun intended).