Friday, January 24, 2014

Here's what 33 weeks looks like

Both kids insisted on sitting on my lap Monday night.  Then Laura insisted on having our picture taken.  Then she said it would be cuter with her standing to my side.  The short story is that I have this fabulous picture of me in all my 33 week glory for ever and ever.
Short story: I'm huge.

I had my 33 week check up today (at nearly 34 weeks).  Baby boy was head down, which is great news!!  I was convinced he was still head up, but I'm happy to be wrong.  The doctor did a quick ultrasound to be sure, and while watching we got to see him take several practice breaths in a womb brimming with fluid.  He's very healthy, and the fluid explains both my size and his ability to roam around so freely.  

I go back in two weeks for my group b strep test, my first internal, and another quick ultrasound to make sure he is still head down!!

I'm all dressed up in a floor length ball gown for Nate's annual work formal.  It's a dress I bought back in October for my own work's gala.  Wonder of wonders it still (sort of) fits!!  Thank goodness for stretchy empire waist dresses!

Laura's 4th birthday party is tomorrow and I'm exceedingly pleased with how my planning turned out.  More to come on that after the party!!