Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Best Part

It's hard being a go-to-work mom (let's be honest: all moms are working moms).  I go to work, away from Laura, five days a week.  I love my job and adore my coworkers, but I spend a lot of time wondering how my baby is doing.  I'm busting to leave work every night so I can get home to see Laura.  I spend forty minutes on the train decompressing, followed by a speed-walk to my car.  I hurry as fast as I can to day care.  That's when I get to the best part of my day.

I walk down the cool hallway, passing whichever bigger kids are still at play.  I slip off my shoes and gather Laura's bag and papers from her cubby.  I slowly open the door to the nfant/toddler room and look around till I see the familiar poof of hair.  I call Laura's name and watch as her head swivels in my direction.  Her eyes open wide and she drops whatever toy she's playing with.  She runs toward me with her chubby arms wide open for a hug.  She clambers into my arms as the teachers gather her remaining belongings into her bag.

We get into the car and set off toward home.  Almost immediately, Laura starts babbling away.  Sometimes her babble is serious and earnest.  Other times, her babble is energetic and excited.  Laura is telling me about her day.  At quieter parts, I quickly turn my head to make eye contact as I ask a question about her day:
"Oh, really?  That sounds pretty exciting!"
"Oh gosh, Laura.  I just can't believe that.  I think you're making it up!"
"Did you get to play outside today?  I bet you loved that."
Laura answers each of my questions with corresponding babble.  We are discussing her day.

And it's the best conversation of my day.