Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Groupon, I think I love you.

A couple of months ago, Nate casually asked "do you use that groupon thing ever?"
Why no, Nate, I keep hearing good things, but I haven't signed up yet.

So I moseyed on over to the site and signed up.  And the first offer that popped up was $10 for a 20-page 8x8 photobook on Shutterfly.  Well, hello!  I was just in the market for a photobook.

No, seriously.  I make a yearbook for Nate every year.  It started with our honeymoon.  I mean, we couldn't frame all 1,200 pictures we took.  I'm dead serious.  We took two full cards worth of pictures.  1,200.  Tahiti is that gorgeous.  So I needed a way to remember our wonderful trip without wallpapering my house with pictures.  So I made a photobook on Kodak Gallery.  And then I made one for 2008.  Then again for 2009. 

2010 was a big year for us.  I mean, we met our daughter in the first month of that year!  We took thousands of pictures of our little darling, and all of them deserve a permanent place in our home (besides the external hard drive).  I had started one on Kodak Gallery, but it was over 50 pages and cost even more than that.

So when I logged into Groupon and saw the fabulous deal on a photobook, I whipped out my wallet.  And then promptly forgot about it.  I would remember from time to time that I really needed to get that yearbook done.  And then life would interupt me.  Until this week.

This week, I got the book done!  I narrowed my initial album of 230 pictures to 209, and squeezed it into 53 pages of memories.  Then I entered my Groupon promo code and braced myself for the cost.


This was a $70 book that I got for $33!  I cannot believe the savings!  Groupon?  I love you.  Now, what should I purchase next?  (PS - the Shutterfly site is pretty awesome for creating books!  I can't wait to see how it turns out!)