Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Budding Interests

For whatever reason, I keep getting surprised by the fun aspects of motherhood, rather than the not-fun parts as one might assume.  Somehow I anticipated  getting frustrated, being tired, and wanting to die on the couch in a pile of Twinkies and Cheetos while watching mindless TV.  But the fun parts, like watching Laura's interests emerge, have been a total shock.  It never even occurred to me that I would literally watch my daughter turn into a kid.

Yesterday, Laura and I were playing on the porch after we got home from work and day care.  I was quietly reading my book when I looked up to see Laura covered in dirt from a planter (that incidentally has had nothing planted in it yet this year).  She was having a blast grabbing handfuls of dirt, then opening her little fist and watching as the dirt slipped to the ground.  Like so many things, it never occurred to me that Laura would be curious about the mundane features of the outdoors.  You are thinking right now, "Um, DUH!"  But for me, this was a totally foreign concept.

Isn't she cute, all covered in dirt?  And since the planters are just holding dirt right now, I think I'll use Laura's interest to plant a cheery little garden with her.