Friday, December 16, 2011


All of a sudden, our house has been filled with intelligible chatter.  Not just a word here, another word there.  Not just two words strung together in the semblance of a sentance.  Real, actual sentances with humor and inflection. 

I am loving it!  My best moments of every day are the conversations I have with Laura.  She is smart, witty and observant, and I fall asleep chuckling over her words.  Here are some recent favorite conversations:

In the car on the way home from school:
- Laura, what did you do at school today?
- Audrey!! (The typical response)
- What else?  Did you color today?
- Paint!  On foot.  Tickled foot. {insert giggle}
- You painted with your feet?! How fun!
- Oh yeah! Fun, Mommy!

At Nate's office party:
- Ok, Laura, you may have that cake pop.  Say thank you!
- Tank oo!  I lick my pop.
- No, Laura.  This pop has cake inside!  It's for biting! Yummy!
{Laura takes a bite. Chews. Spits out warm mash of brownie in my hand.}
- No, Mommy. I lick my pop.
- Ok then.
{Five minutes pass. Laura is covered in chocolate.}
- Santa! HO HO! Hi Santa!
{Laura cuts the line. Climbs on Santa's lap. Yeah, that happened.}
- I lick my pop, Santa!
- I can see that!

Last night, in the family room:
- Mommy! Ornaments! Peese!
- Ok, let me see what I can find, since all the ornaments are already on the tree... here! Bracelets!
- Ooh, pity! Ornaments, Daddy! Pity!
- Those aren't ornaments, those are bracelets. (Nate has no imagination.)
- No, Daddy! Ornaments. On tree! Pity.
- I stand corrected, Laura. The "ornaments" are very pretty.

Toddler conversations are my favorite!