Friday, December 23, 2011


Pinterest has been my b*tch this holiday season.  Seriously, I have completed so many pinned projects!  I have added ornaments to my garlands.  I have helped fashion a popcorn turkey.  I have embroidered no less than seven framed handprints.  That's right.  Seven baby handprints embroidered in cotton and framed in silver.

I first showed you the handprint back in November, when I completed the first one.  And I had so much fun making it, I made six more (four of which are actually my niece's hand)!

 And since I hadn't done enough with handprints, I also pinned & did the following:

Handprint Reindeer:  Aren't they the cutest tree ornaments and gift tags??  Hubby agrees!  Which is why I made 18 of them!  My hands are covered in hot glue.  (and oops, I totally forgot to add hooves to the gift tag reindeer!)

Handprint Wreath: I led some coworkers during a holiday craft hour to make this one!  It's hanging most adorably on the door to our office area.









 Salt dough ornaments:  I invited four toddler friends and their moms to my house on Saturday to make these.  Because I'm insane.  Five toddlers from 19 months to 2 years?  It was a BLAST!  This dough was also really easy to work with.

And a handprint Christmas tree on salt dough:  I loved the original pin of the handprint on paper.  And I loved working with the salt dough.  So why not put them together to make one, fantastic craft?!  If you're interested, I had Laura dip her hand in fingerpaint, then press the painted hand into the uncooked salt dough.  The baking process did not alter the color in any way.  A spray can of shiny finish from Michael's added the lovely sheen. 


The best part of actually doing a pinned project, for me, is taking the original inspiration and making it my own.  Absolutely nothing I have created looks exactly like the picture I pinned.  And I love that!  I love taking little snippets of ideas and making it me.