Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How Much?

I thought I was d.o.n.e. shopping for Laura for Christmas.  She's not-quite-two, has no concept of Christmas or presents, and is still mildly afraid of Santa.  I didn't think we needed to hurl too much in her direction, in the way of presents.

Add to that Laura's four aunts and five uncles.
Add to that Laura's second birthday one month after Christmas.
Add to that our small, cramped house, that currently has most of her toys hidden (and unmissed) in the basement.

I thought we were done.  I mean, we have for her:

  • A Skip Hop Little Kid Backpack with matching lunchie, since she'll be moving to the Two's room at school after the new year.

  • Moose slippers to replace the bunnies she is rapidly outgrowing.

  • A Boots the Monkey friend, her BFF.

  • A treehouse dollhouse.  Because it's awesome.

  • A train set, since she really does enjoy trains.  And because they were a really big deal in my family growing up.  It's all about sharing, right?

  • And, OMG I love this, a piano, just like in Charlie Brown.  Laura loves music, and I can't wait to see her face for this one!

Isn't that enough?  With all the presents she's bound to receive from grandparents (a Bitty Baby with stroller from one set), aunts and uncles (I am banking on some more trains)?  Do Nate and I really need to buy her more stuff?   And also: where will we put it all??

How much are you getting for your toddler this Christmas?