Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pinned it... and did it!

I saw this pin ages ago, and thought what a great way to spruce up my garlands!  Because the garlands I have used the past 6 Christmases in our dining room windows?Need some sprucing.

So I found a huge package of bulb ornaments (shatterproof!) at Target, grabbed a spool of fishing line, and got to work.

I think it looks great!  I might need to clean the blinds... 

So the garlands were hand-me-downs from my parents' back porch, and originally just had lights.  A year in, I added the faux pearl garland.  Last year, I added a few baubles on the actual garland.  This year?  The hanging baubles totally make the look!  I love it! 

And don't you just love my Christmas-themed dining room?  I do.  Thanks again, Pinterest!