Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nearly 16 Weeks

I was far better about keeping a "journal" of my pregnancy the last go 'round.  I think that makes sense.  Back then, I only had a job, husband, house and masters degree classes to worry about.  Plus, it was my first pregnancy with all the excitement that goes along with the first... anything. 

This go 'round, I have my job, husband, house and nearly two-year-old to worry about.  And a nearly two-year-old takes up a whole lot more worry than a few silly classes.  A whole lot more.  But it's awesome, because she's also far more amusing than my classes ever were.  And she sings and cah-yers way better. 

So at nearly 16 weeks, how am I feeling?  Compared to last time, really rough.  No, I still have not thrown up.  I am morbidly afraid of throwing up.  So that just means that at 16 weeks, well into the second trimester, I am still pretty queasy a lot of the time.  And I still have a TON of really aggravating food aversions.  I'm actually not sure what I eat on a weekly basis.  I think it involves a lot of melty cheese.  Sigh.

At nearly 16 weeks, my back is already really sore.  I am quite positive the nearly two-year-old has something to do with this.  I've been trying to let her walk on her own more, to save on the lifting.  But I actually really love carrying her places.  It's faster, for one (and I am not the most patient of people), but it also gives us some really great whisper gossip time.  So the back is a real pain... in the back.  I have already started adding pillows to the bed, and this helps.  But still - ouchy!

At nearly 16 weeks, I am on my fourth round of antibiotics.  Because I have tested positive for Group B, twice.  A yeast infection, twice.  Bacterial vaginosis, twice.  That last one?  Don't google it.  Trust me.  Just believe that it is incredibly uncomfortable.  And awful.  And really awful to have twice.  Really, REALLY glad that one seems to have cleared up.  So are all the crazy antibiotics to blame for my continued queasiness? 

At nearly 16 weeks, I go back and forth on an hourly basis between "OMG I'm so excited to see Laura as a big sister!" and "OMG I am so not ready to have two children!"  But mostly, I tend toward the former.  I really am so excited to share a baby brother or sister with Laura.  She swaddles her dolls and animals every night.  She rocks and sings them to sleep.  She feeds them her sippy cups.  She's so very, very attentive.

At nearly 16 weeks, I am ready to find out what "flavor" I'm carrying.  Two more weeks to wait!  Is it a boy?  Would that explain all the horribleness of this pregnancy compared to the cake walk Laura was?  Is it another girl, and I'm just reacting completely differently?  Laura tells me it's a boy.  But at nearly two-years-old, I'm not sure I trust her knowledge of the sexes to know one way or the other.

At nearly 16 weeks, I am rocking the maternity clothes.  Exclusively.  I am reusing a bunch from last go 'round, and have also purchased some new stuff.  It's just comfier.  I think I might actually be smaller than the last time (for now), but I definitely have a noticeable baby belly no matter what I wear.  I have been really committed to going to the gym in the past few weeks, with 30 minutes of aerobic exercise and a weight/stretch regimen put together by my favorite trainer at the gym.  I really credit this (and the no eating) for the superb weight control.  I also credit this with finding some relief for the back pain.  Lesson: when in doubt, go work out!

So it's been rougher.  And completely different.  And only slightly similar.  I'm still waiting to feel better.  Nate is still waiting, too.  Because pregnancy isn't just rough on the wife!  I know it'll get better, and harder, and better again.  I also know I can't wait to meet the little person at the other end.  Two more weeks... 24 more weeks...