Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's a Wonderful Link-up

I love reading about everyone's favorite Christmas movie classics!  I agree with a lot of you on your top picks.  But I've noticed a few great movies going without mention (and some without quite enough mention for my taste)!  Here's a look at my top Christmas movies of all time.

Mickey's Christmas Carol

I watched this so much as a 2 1/2 year old, I actually said "Bah Humbug!" to Santa as I smiled and sat on his knee.  It's not Christmas until I watch Goofy fall down the stairs as Jacob Marley in Ebeneezer Scrooge's house.  I spent my childhood watching this on VHS taped from TV, complete with ancient Tide and Tropicana commercials.  It was a whole new experience watching it on the DVD I received for Christmas last year (with three extra bonus features!)

The Christmas Toy

Remember this Jim Henson classic?  I think it was on the same VHS taped from TV as my copy of Mickey's Christmas Carol.  I loved watching the toys come to life after the children left the room.  This fun family film is streaming on Netflix this holiday season! 

Miracle on 34th Street

I love these movies.  Both the original version with Natatlie Wood, and the newer version with Mara Wilson.  I can't pick which version I prefer.  Both are so perfectly magical!

I love how Santa proves he is real through the power of the United States Post Office and letters to Santa.  Santa is real!  I believe!

 Home Alone

The husband would be most displeased if I left this great classic off my list.  We were just talking about it the other night!  Holidays aside, Home Alone is a great movie!  The writing is fantastic.  The kid is cute.  The gags are hilarious.  It's the perfect family movie.  I remember seeing this one in theaters when it originally came out.  My family does not go to the movies with any great frequency - this was a big deal!  I will drop everything to watch this when it's on - commercials and all.

And because I have to...  Simply have to... For family reasons... So I'm not ostracized entirely... And left without presents on Christmas morning (er, Boxing Day for my side of the family)...

It's a Wonderful Life

Honestly?  I can't stand this movie.  It takes decades to watch, and for heavens sake George Bailey, you have a pretty darn great life!  You get to come home to Donna freaking Reed and that adorable little girl Zuzu every single night!  Wake up and smell your happiness!  Ugh.

But, I add it to this list in honor of my younger siblings.  T&T absolutely adore this movie.  My brother wouldn't officially "date" his wonderful girlfriend until she had seen this movie (in April, good thing he has it on DVD), and approved of it as a wonderful movie.  That girlfriend is a saint.

So as much as I grumble about watching this bore-fest every year... it wouldn't really be Christmas Eve without a plate full of Chinese take-out and a dose of Jimmy Stewart.  It's no Mickey's Christmas Carol, but it is Christmas. 
Holiday Movie Mania Linkup

Merry Christmas to all, and to all happy movie watching!  Thanks to It's Blogworthy and My Crazy Busy Life for this wonderful link-up!