Thursday, May 10, 2012

38 Weeks

Sorry for the poor lighting.  I am feeling pressed for time.  Just now, as I walked to the food court near work to get my lunch, a nice, normal looking woman ran over to me.  RAN. 

"You are having the baby today!  2:00!"

Um.  How creepy and exciting!  All at the same time!  Since it's already 1:00, let's do a quick recap:

Friday I was 2cm, 0% effaced.  Some contractions at random times.
Tuesday I was having lots of contractions in the morning, was 3cm and 50% effaced, and then the contractions petered out.
Yesterday I was flat out insane, moving furniture, doing squats, and chugging hot sauce.

Also yesterday: Gavin dropped.  I may still look pretty roundy to you, but trust me.  His butt is now in line with my belly button.  I can take a full breath, but cannot bend over without pain.  My stomach is definitely slopier and mushier at the top, where it had previously been the roundest and hardest area. 


I could still be getting my hopes up for naught.  But I don't care.  That random (potentially crazy) lady told me today at 2.  I'm getting on the 2:20 train home.