Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gavin's Birth

When I was told way back in my first trimester that I was GBS+, I saw it as a death sentence for the labor and delivery I felt I missed with Laura. I knew I'd have to be at the hospital as soon as I went into labor. I'd be hooked up to an IV from the start. I wouldn't have the chance to labor naturally. I was sad.

In actuality, I think the GBS+ actually helped me toward a birth experience I am incredibly proud of. I knew what to expect from the start. Knowledge is empowering!

My water broke a little after 8:00 Thursday night. I realized Big Bang was a repeat, so I started tidying things. I bent down to fix something on Gavin's swing, and felt a small gush when I stood up. I calmly mentioned it to Nate and MIL, then went to the bathroom to check things out. Yup, water broke. A small leak, but fairly constant. I started organizing our night from the porch, where I could drip without guilt, read bedtime stories to Laura, and direct Nate in some last minute packing. Thankfully, most of our stuff was ready to go after our false alarm the week before!

We got to the hospital all calm and smiles. I got my first of three IVs in triage: a stupidly placed thing right in my elbow. As soon as I moved to my room, I had my nurse move the IV. But, something happened with the stick. My vein puffed up, my arm started throbbing, and I couldn't move my wrist. IV number three sat much more nicely!

I started my antibiotics, and just napped as well as I could. I was damp from my water, but not having any contractions. Pitocin started at 4:00 am. By 7:00 am, I was starting to work through contractions. They were manageable, but I figured what was the point of waiting for an epidural?! The anesthesiologist was free, so I grabbed the chance. He got the epi flowing at 8:00, which was just after my low point: I wet the bed. The promise of a catheter along with the epidural was most welcome!

And then I dozed most of the day. I got checked around noon, and the doctor realized I still had a sac of water to break. She broke that, and my contractions really started coming fast- not that I could tell!!

Around 1 or 2? my epidural was wearing off. I was 7cm, 100% and 0 station. I got a re-up on the epidural, and immediately both couldn't feel my legs and was in intense pain in my back. I couldn't catch my breath through contractions and started to panic.

Nate wasn't very helpful calming me down. I was hysterical by the time my nurse checked me. She got me calm again very soon, called for a check, and I was fully dilated.

I started to push just before 3, and immediately began to feel better in my back. The doctor and nurse looked at each other and my complete change in pain, and said "I bet this baby is facing up instead of down!" I pushed for 20 minutes, and out came my sunnyside-up little boy came out!

Gavin cried immediately. Music to my ears! I got to hold him all sticky and fresh. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. Everything I missed with Laura, I got with Gavin. He was so calm from the very second I held him. No crying, no tears. Just a philosophical look on his calm face.


We've been home since Sunday afternoon. Gavin is amazingly calm, still. He's eating really well, sleeping, and loves looking at thus strange new world. I'm doing really well, too. I know the sunny, non-blizzard weather helps a lot! But also knowing I've already raised a really smart, hilarious and sweet two-year-old goes a long way! I can do this!

Laura is adjusting, loves her baby brother, but does seem just a little sad. We're trying to make her feel special, but it's hard. She cries easily, throws some strange tantrums, but couldn't be sweeter with Gavin. Nate and I are taking her for ice cream tonight, leaving Gavin at home with Grammy.