Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day, Appreciated

Late Friday afternoon, I decided I needed an attitude adjustment.  I wasted most of last week waiting for something to happen.  So instead of staying mired in the waiting game, I started to make plans.

I emailed my boss that I planned to come into work on Monday (today), and that I planned to do X, Y and Z on a certain project.

I made plans with my coworker (and one of my current best friends) to have lunch away from the conference room on Monday (today).

I emailed two college friends in the city and made plans for lunch on Wednesday.  Food trucks, here we come.  I hope the Pie Truck is out.  That's all I have to say.

Planning ahead for actual non-baby activities helped me to move past the waiting game of last week.  Planning helped me to be ready to spend the whole weekend at home, not in labor.  Planning helped me to be present with my family of three for at least one more weekend before we become a family of four.  I'm a planner, and last week left me feeling completely unsettled and frustrated.  With a plan in place for this week, I spent every minute I could getting strawberry hugs and kisses from Laura.  Yup, two months later and Laura is still baking her most wonderful strawberry hugs.

I am so glad for my shift in thinking on Friday, so I was able to enjoy the strawberry hugs all weekend.  I'm back at work today, getting settled and ready to work on my project.  I'm sipping some raspberry leaf iced tea I brewed over the weekend, and I'm ready for whatever the week might bring.

And for all you beautiful mothers out there, Happy Mother's Day!  I hope you got as many strawberry hugs as I did.