Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Getting Ready

I had planned to use a work PC webcam today today to get a long overdue belly shot. But I got halfway to work when I realized I really didn't want to be at work. I'm working through some strong contractions on the train ride home now.

So in my planned post, I was going to tell you:
- I was 2cm dilated on Friday
- I lost a large bit of mucous plug yesterday afternoon.
- I've been contracting off and on since yesterday morning.
- we have a minivan, carseats installed
- I cleaned our one bathroom for over an hour on Sunday. It's a very small bathroom.
- I've done laundry that probably didn't need to be done.
- I've packed my hospital bag. And found myself adding things to it last night.
- the bassinet we bought last week still isn't put together, but we have it.

I think my body is telling me I need to be ready for Gavin's imminent arrival.