Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Update: Working from Home

When last I posted, I was on the train headed north.  Nate made me call the doctor's office about the contractions, and they had me come in for a check.  On Friday afternoon, I was 2 cm dilated, 0% effaced.  Yesterday morning (with the same doctor), I was 3cm dliated, 50% effaced.  If you recall, you have to be fully effaced before you can fully dilate.  I've lost a good portion of my mucous plug, and feel like I'm about to get the worst, crampiest period ever.  The doctor said, "that's great!"  I guess because things are progressing?

With that in mind, she stripped my membranes and recommend spicy food and spicier... time with the husband.  By the time I got home, my intermittent contractions from the morning had pretty much stopped.  I drank lots of red raspberry leaf tea, ate the spiciest food I could handle, and begrudgingly seduced my husband.  Nothing.

I'm sitting at home this morning, still feeling incredibly crampy - and cranky.  I just couldn't bring myself to get on that train into DC this morning.  But I'm also starting to wonder when this kid is going to arrive!

I'm not technically due for another 2 weeks, so I  could theoretically have another two weeks before I move from the "early labor" category into the "active labor" group.  Or I could have the kid this afternoon.  I just want a plan!  Let me know your plans, baby boy, so I can stop flipping out!