Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Baby Smell

That newborn smell everyone always talks about? The one that has mommies nuzzling the fuzzy tops of infant heads? I finally get it.

I never got it when Laura was an infant. I couldn't smell her newness. I could laugh at her crazy spiky hair, but I didn't nuzzle into it to appreciate that soft scent. I can smell it on Gavin.

Every time I pick him up, I nuzzle the newness of him. I breath in deep his infant scent. And boy does it smell wonderful.

I'm well aware that I didn't bond with Laura for a very long time. I bonded with Gavin with the first cry he made. I bonded when I held him sticky with birth in my arms. I have bonded with every goose honk cry since.

I smell the newness on Gavin's head, and breath in the wonder of this fresh chance to be a mommy.