Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cramming it all in

I gave notice to my boss last night that I would work through this week, and also work Monday (maybe Tuesday) of next week, but that's it.  I needed to have that "last day" on my calendar.  I'm not good with unknowns.  I'm not good when I can't control.

But I'm still having contractions here and there.  I'm still feeling nervous about going into labor (worse - having my water break!) while I'm at work.  So I'm cramming every minute I can with as much work as I can before something happens. 

My controlling nature?  I don't want to leave anything unfinished.  Even if my water broke in the next hour, I'd leave a post-it on my current excel print-out, so my boss would know where to pick up where I left off. 

It's been hectic... but good.  I'm really glad I decided to PLAN to be at work this week.  I'm glad I made plans to have lunch with friends today.  I am also glad that my hard work the past few weeks makes me feel comfortable leaving at a moment's notice, knowing that my boss CAN pick up where I left off.

Any time now, Gavin.  I'm ready for you.

Worst post ever?  Possibly.  Just letting you know I'm still here... and still pregnant!