Monday, October 5, 2009

23 Weeks!

Total weight gain/loss: Doctor says 21 pounds (from last week), and perfectly normal
Maternity clothes? I love those Old Navy pants so much, I ordered more.
Sleep: Ok... beware the charlie horse when waking up!
Best moment this week: Not a great week for me... so definitely feeling Lulu being so active following the accident
Movement: A reassuring sign that Lulu was ok after the accident. Thank you bladder punches! (She, by the way, thinks my bladder is a trampoline and lots of fun to jump on. By far the strangest feeling ever).
Food cravings: Hamburgers, salad, cupcakes
Gender: GIRL!!!
Labor signs: No thank you!
Belly button? Definitely looking weird, but hasn't progressed further since last week.
What I miss: This week I wanted a beer...
What I am looking forward to: More pants arriving in the mail!
Weekly wisdom: Take your time. Hurrying will get you nowhere, fast.
Milestones: Lulu weighs over a pound!