Monday, October 26, 2009

The Glucose Test

Apparently you don't get the results till the end of the week. Which means...

I'm continuing my sugar binge till the Dr. calls!!! At least four more days of M&M's!!!

And, for all of you afraid to drink the orange cool-aid - it's not that bad. I followed my Dr's advice and kept it in the fridge to get it as cold as possible. Then I drank it with a straw. Not only do straws make everything more fun, they also help to get things down quicker (a trick I learned with beer in college... fun times...)!

Also, I'm glad I set the timer on my phone to make sure I finished in the required 5 minutes. I was doing really well getting it down, then got distracted and all of a sudden had 45 seconds to drink the last third. I finished with 2 seconds to spare!