Tuesday, October 13, 2009

24 Weeks! (and 2 days)

Not a great picture...
This was taken at night, and I'm in a black dress. Focus on the roundy part above my hand,
and please ignore the fact that my back doesn't show up so I look like a whale!

Total weight gain/loss: Definitely up over 20, after the food fest of a weekend I just had! I'm avoiding the scale.
Maternity clothes? Oh yes. And Old Navy is having a huge sale! Tons of stuff for $15, with an additional 15% off if you use the code ONBDAY15!!!
Sleep: Sigh... I just can't get enough.
Best moment this week: Seeing soooo many friends this weekend. And getting in (I'm so bad) a glass of red wine.
Movement: She found my ribs. Ouch! But also still so wonderful...
Food cravings: Hamburgers
Gender: GIRL!!!
Labor signs: No thank you!
Belly button? I showed it to my friend and she was amused and horrified at how shallow it is!
What I miss: Red wine (on a regular basis). And also jackets that can button over my tummy.
What I am looking forward to: It's a 4-day week! Yay!
Weekly wisdom: Take naps. Always insist on taking breaks and sitting. And if someone offers you the nicer bed (even though you are a visitor), take it!
Milestones: At 24 weeks (so I hear) there is a chance Lulu could make it if anything were to happen. That said - Stay Put little girl!