Monday, October 19, 2009

25 Weeks!

Total weight gain/loss: My scale says I'm holding steady at +21. My next appointment is next Monday, so we'll see. I have a knack for adding 5 pounds in that last week!
Maternity clothes? :-)
Sleep: I had to add a pillow to the party. And this pillow is coming with me wherever I go. Is it behind me right now at work? Yup.
Best moment this week: Hubby finally saw my tummy move last night. The child is evasive...
Movement: Tons. But I wish she would stop hitting my rib. I think she has dislocated it. It's very painful. Thus the extra pillow.
Food cravings: I don't want anything in particular lately... ice cream?
Gender: GIRL!!!
Labor signs: No thank you!
Belly button? Still shallow, but still an innie!
What I miss: Sleep. And sitting on a couch without pain. And moving without pain. I might have to call the Dr. about this rib thing...
What I am looking forward to: Pajamas at the end of every day.
Weekly wisdom: Stock up on pillows of various sizes and shapes. I'm sporting a bolster at the moment. And it has been wonderful. It even came with me to the bar yesterday to watch some football!
Milestones: I've hit the point of pregnancy discomfort. That has to mean something, right?