Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lil blog disclaimer

I was thinking in the shower this morning that perhaps I come off as snotty in this blog. Or (worse) whiney. I just wanted to send a quick little note to let everyone know that I don't mean to come off that way!

This is a place for me to share my thoughts. Since sometimes it can be difficult to share thoughts in the Real World. If anyone wants to read my (anonymous - I hope) thoughts, that's great! Otherwise, I'll keep blogging anyway.

This is a place for me to celebrate my pregnancy. And everything about it.

This is a place for me to voice my discomfort in pregnancy. While often, I still love every minute of it.

This is a place for me to describe my horror at some of the pregnancy unknowns and untolds... There are just so many things about pregnancy they never tell you! Why don't they tell you these things? (and even in my horror, I am still loving it).

Because that's the most important part, right? I love being pregnant! Ask me again in a few weeks when I can't fit at my desk anymore... but I think even then I will say that everything is completely and utterly worth it.

And hopefully, this blog will transition into a place where I can celebrate motherhood and my darling little girl. Voice my discomfort (and fears!) about being a mother. And describe my horror at some of the things they never tell you about being a mom or having a daughter.

And through all of that, I hope you will see that I love being a mom.