Thursday, October 1, 2009

These pants have been the only good part of my day

Not quite true, but almost.
These pants actually stay up! They are not around my ankles at all! The waist part is a little (awkwardly) tight around my tummy if I pull it all the way up. But they work great with the elastic folded over my waist. I'm just so excited for pants that work... I have a feeling I'll be ordering a few more pairs of these in the other colors soon!

So onto the other things about my day that have been good:
For one, Lulu and I are perfectly healthy following the car accident I caused last night. I totally rear-ended the car in front of me at a weird construction zone on-ramp. I was too close to the guy, thought he had moved (had not...) and drove right into him. Thankfully, he had been stopped and I was accelerating from being stopped, so it was a pretty low MPH accident. My Civic needs a new hood and bumper. His Jeep could use a little nail polish to touch up the silver streaks I left him as a reminder. And the guy could not have been nicer, and I mean that in a totally honest way.

Other things that are good: Hubby paid for the rental car option on our car insurance. I'm now pimping around town in a brand spanking new Dodge Charger. And feeling ridiculous. What an enormous car! I have driven smaller SUV's. And felt less ridiculous doing so.

Other things I am thankful for: I kept my previous cell phone from the last time I upgraded. This is helpful when I lose my cell phone hours after giving the number out to the guy I hit, the insurance company, the auto repair show, the rental car place... I feel very lost without my phone right now, and can't wait to get back home from work to reactivate the spare.

More things to make me happy: McDonald's. The best comfort food on Earth. I will add that I was only mildly ticked off when the person taking my order questioned my request for a milkshake AND a soda. What does she care if I am trying to raise my cholesterol and heart rate to unhealthy heights? Sky's the limit!

Things I am actually, really and truly happy about? I have wonderful coworkers who announced to me today that they are planning a baby shower for me in November. It was just the sort of thing I needed to hear on such a crappy day.

And yes, I am very blessed and lucky to be safe and healthy after everything. Lulu is using my bladder as a trampoline right now, and it's the best feeling in the world. And with that, I'm off to use the bathroom.