Monday, April 12, 2010


I think I found a bedtime routine for Lulu!  This is very exciting, friends.  Bedtime is so easy now that we have a little routine!  The rest of the day might be a random mess, but at least I have evenings to look forward to!

6:00 - Lulu starts to get fussy (even fussier than the afternoon.  She's definitely a morning person!)
6:30 - We wind down our last play time
7:00 - We head upstairs, take off the diaper, run some water in the tub
7:30 - Bathtime!!  Lulu loves bathtime.  It's so cute!  Her eyes get all big and she puckers up her lips in a look of extreme concentration.  And then she starts to kick.  And kick.  And kick!  Her arms get into it, and pretty soon her whole body is wiggling in the infant tub.  We even get a few giggles!  It's adorable.  Probably the happiest part of my day.
8:00 - After Lulu is clean, dry and in jammies (all done in her room without turning on the lights), we turn on some quiet lullabies and I feed her.  She eats till she falls asleep.  I burp her, and try to feed her a little more.

By 8:30, Lulu is in bed and totally asleep!  I get some adult time with Hubby downstairs.  We watch some TV and eat some dinner.  Around 11, I feed Lulu one more time.  By this time, she's completely asleep.  She sleeps through the whole feeding, and keeps sleeping till 5am.  It's perfect! 

This whole bedtime thing totally makes up for the randomness of the rest of our day.  And she's just so cute in the tub!