Thursday, April 22, 2010


Ever heard that bad things happen in threes?
Well, Hubby got his three. 

#1:  Remember how I washed Hubby's iPhone the other day?

#2:  On Monday (my first day back at work.  without a phone, since I lent mine to Hubby), I got a call on my office phone.  Hubby was stranded in some random neighborhood after an appointment.  The battery in his car had died.  It was pretty frustrating, but AAA got to him and gave him a jump.  $50 for a new battery later, and the car is all set.

#3:  The third incident happened last night.  Hubby dropped his laptop.  The number one tool for his job.  And the screen broke.  Thankfully, the warranty covered the problem.  But he won't have a laptop for 2-6 weeks!  And Hubby NEEDS a laptop!

So, $375 later, we have a new laptop.  Hubby's had a rough week, but I'll get the new laptop once his is finally fixed!  And not a moment too soon.  I'm currently writing to you on a laptop that is held together with packing tape.  It's real klassy.