Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy 3 Months!

Wow.  Has it already been three months?!  I have no idea where that time went.  I feel like I should still be at home with a tiny little infant.  Instead, I'm back at work with a big girl at home.  Ok, ok... she's not really a "big girl" yet.  She is still a baby.  She just seems so grown up!

Here's what Lulu does:

  • Smiles a ton

  • Almost laughs.  Almost...

  • Splashes in the tub

  • Swats toys on her activity mat

  • Coo's, gah's, agoo's, mrow's, squeals, and a whole host of other lovely chattering noises

  • Kicks those feet like the good swimmer she's destined to become

  • Sometimes sleeps through the night (like last night! woohoo!)

  • Goes to day care where she drinks from a bottle (success!)

  • Has her first cold (poor little thing... her nose is simply running away!)

  • Lights up when she sees her Mommy and Daddy

  • Loves peek-a-boo and patty cake (especially "patty toes" when we clap her feet together)

  • Has a discerning and mature taste for classical music.  But also loves a good pop tune!

  • Is getting real close to rolling back to tummy

  • Loves sucking on her giraffe blankie

  • Is great at putting her hands in her mouth (but still not a thumb sucker)

  • Still hates pacifiers

  • Is starting to grab toys (last night she actually picked up a rattle that was by her side, fluke?)

  • Has been on every mode of transportation except boat and space shuttle

  • Is really starting to notice (and love!) Girly (the dog)

  • Is transfixed by the TV (not such a good thing) 
And is loved so much!!!