Monday, April 26, 2010

Day Care, part 2

I was so proud of myself last night.  Lulu's little school bag was all packed.  I had the diapers, wipes and formula ready to go.  I had a lunch bag in the freezer with a few packets of breast milk.  I had outfits picked out for both me and Lulu.  We were all ready for our first day of day care.

Then this morning rolled around after a night of Lulu waking up every two hours.  Like she did when we first brought her home.  Except that last night she was also trying to play.  UGH.

I did not have it together at all!  Lulu pooped through her outfit, onto mine.  Costume changes for both of us.  Then we got to day care, and I realized that I'd left the lovingly packed bag of breast milk in the freezer.  Formula for Lulu it is, with a chuckle and a "Good Luck!" to the poor teacher who has to try and force that stuff down Lulu's throat!  As if she wasn't hard enough to feed with a bottle, now she has to accept bottle filled with formula!  But what can you do.

I was off to work with a few last hugs and NO tears.  10:00am rolled around.  Time to pump!  (Pumping, by the way, is a loathsome process.)  I pull out the machine, get everything ready to go.... and realize I hadn't packed bottles for myself!  I figured out how to set up the freezer bags so I could pump directly onto them.  It worked fine until I started to pack up.  I spilled milk all over the desk in the file room.  A room which is designated "No Beverages Allowed" for good reason.  I got the computer stuff pulled away in time, and ran to get paper towels to clean up.  It wasn't a total disaster, but definitely not one of my finer moments!

So in short, Lulu went to school with bottles, but no milk.  I went to work with milk, but no bottles.  We are quite the pair!  Here's hoping tomorrow morning goes a little more smoothly!

Side note: Hubby and I handed Lulu off to the teacher and started walking out the door.  I glanced back to see her one last time, and she was looking at me with her sweet, dark blue eyes... it was almost like she was saying, "Where are you going, and who is this person holding me?"  Neither of us cried, but I really hope she's doing alright!  Stupid work...