Monday, June 13, 2011

A Good Mom Day

I was in a great mood all day, because I received a FedEx delivery notification much earlier than expected: Laura's slide had been delivered.  Laura's slide was at our home, needing only to be put together in speedy fashion.  At our home, almost ready for play. 

Before we could rush home to build and play with the slide, Laura and I had to stop at the grocery store.  We were out of milk - not something Laura could go without.  I don't usually enjoy grocery shopping with a toddler, since she gets a bit fussy sitting in the cart for as long as it takes for me to gather everything we need.  But today, Laura was an absolute dream.  She smiled and waved to everyone.  She told me grandiose stories of her day (I would love to know what she was actually saying).  She was delightful!

As soon as we got home, I pushed, shoved and slid the enormous box into the yard, pulled off the tape, and dumped out the colorful contents.  Laura saw the slide, and came running!

She sat on the little slide - the last piece to assemble - for several minutes.  Just sitting there, beaming at me.  Even in multiple pieces, Laura knew the awesomeness that was being built in her honor.
 She checked out the box, just to make sure I didn't forget any pieces.

 She moved back to the slide and read the directions to me.  In Spanish!  She's very talented.
 Then she helped me with the lone screw.
And then?  It was time to slide. 

Today was a good mom day.