Monday, June 13, 2011


I was going to write a post this morning about a scary experience I had yesterday.  As I typed up my story, I noticed that Nate and I both sounded like Class A morons.  Seriously, what were we thinking?!  It's a wonder I didn't drown.  And also?  I'd like my husband to jump in after me a little sooner next time make sure we don't do something so stupid ever again.

So instead, this post is dedicated to hindsight and the stupid shit we do.  It sounds like a really good idea at the time, right?  Then the idea goes awry.  And then you blog about it and realize prior to hitting "publish" that your actions would surely have followers out there reading in horror.  In hindsight, Nate and I had a very, very, very bad idea that should never have been enacted.  I'm sure we're not alone in doing stupid shit.  I'm sure of it!  But I'd also like to avoid a similar situation in the future. 

Here I am today, sitting at my desk, very aware of my own mortality.  I didn't lose consciousness, or need medical attention (except maybe for a brain scan for stupidity), but I was aware for a few brief moments as I floated downwards through the water that I couldn't reach the air that my lungs desperately needed.

Is it weird that the sensation was rather serene?  Hopefully the next time I think of some fabulously stupid stunt, I'll think about the potential consequences first.