Friday, June 17, 2011

There is no charge for awesomeness

Well, no charge except for the $13.25 admission to see said awesomeness on the big screen.  Remember when Kung Fu Panda came out and it was awesome and our favoritest movie?  And then remember when Kung Fu Panda 2 came out and it was just as awesome??
Nate and I went on a date last night to celebrate my 29th birthday.  He asked what I wanted to do, and I said "something awesome," which translated to going to the movies for the first time in TWO years, which meant a small (but worthy) charge for awesomeness. 

Kung Fu Panda 2 did not disappoint.  In any way.

While not quite as quotable as the first KFP movie, KFP2 kept us entertained and laughing through the entire 91 minutes.  You hear that?  Ninety-one awesome minutes - not a minute too long or too short.  You hear that, Hollywood?!  Ninety-one minutes of awesomeness! 

KFP2 had a lovely story with a beautiful moral and ending.  And even more beautiful than the story was the animation.  Wow.  The sweeping landscapes pictured in the movie made me want to go to China, they were that gorgeous.  The 3D animation has come a long way too.  Nate and I were highly impressed by the realistic animation that came out of the screen towards us.  The bad guy was one of the creepiest (and peacockiest) I have ever seen - well done.  And the heroes were even more heroic than ever.  And the comedy?  Hilarious.  I particularly enjoyed the Chinese dragon that "ate" and then "pooped" the bad guys.  Who were hilariously evil!

Nate and I decided over a beer after the movie that instead of replacing our missing copy of KFP right away, we will wait for the KFP/KFP2 two-pack that is sure to be released in a few months.  This is definitely a movie that we will be happy to watch over and over (and over) again with Laura.  If you are looking for a way to celebrate the dads in your life this weekend, take them to KFP2.  I'm not gonna tell you the ending, but it will have dads feeling mushy and loved all over.