Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Feeling Positive

I'm no stranger to tummy aches.  I have had a nervous stomach since childhood.  Which is unfortuante, because I'm also terrified of puking. 
Aren't we cute?
So last week when I was feeling a little pukier than usual, I took a pregnancy test.  I debated it in my head for hours.  I wasn't sure I wanted to know either way, since I was going into a weekend with friends.  But I woke up Friday morning, feeling all shaky and OMG I have to know one way or the other or I will puke which is scary and yucky.  So I peed and I waited. 

I only got one line.  But that's ok, because now I know and I'll pack some tampons for my weekend with friends.  Did I feel a little pukey on Saturday and Sunday?  Yeah, but that's because I was in the car for a total of 8 hours and I get car sick sometimes (even when driving).  So I moved on with my life.

I was in the grocery store on Monday and walked past the "Feminine Hygiene" aisle.  Those words alone are enough to give me a tummy ache.  Could Giant make being a woman sound any pukier?  But I turned the cart down the aisle, stopped in front of the pregnancy tests, and grabbed a two-pack of the fancy digital kind before I even realized what I was doing.  I promptly buried the package under a loaf of bread and some bananas, because GOD I didn't want anyone to see me buying those!

Laura and I got home from the store, I unloaded the groceries, set the tests on the stairs to go to the bathroom, and then remembered I needed to pee.  In slow-motion I realized I was unwrapping the box and pulling out a stick.  Suddenly I was peeing on it.  The bile rose in my throat.  I washed my shaky hands, looked down at the stick, and totally did a double-take:
Isn't the word "NOT" supposed to appear?
I'm pregnant!
Cue puking!
OMG I'm pregnant!

Nate and I are thrilled, over the moon, and incredibly excited.  My first OB appointment is 10/10 - I hope to have more to tell you then.  Like a due date.

***For a few certain readers, NOT A WORD of this.  To anyone!  You know who you are :)