Friday, September 16, 2011

Never Say Never

"Ugh. I would never spend money to make my ears bleed at a rock concert for kids. Never."

I just bought lawn seats for the Laurie Berkner Band concert tomorrow. 

To be honest, I haven't actually listened to any of this music.  I am told that it's not ear-bleeding obnoxious.  I've been told that it's cheerful and cute.  So why am I taking Laura to see a band I'd never heard of?


Friendship is something I am always on the look out to obtain.  I want it like I want a cup of hot cocoa on a crisp morning.  Badly.  I'm not always good at reaching out to people to get this cozy thing called friendship.  Making friends is not my forte.  But oh, do I want friends!

Through the magical powers of being "friends" with Laura's day care teachers on Facebook, I have been able to connect with a few of the other mother's.  Enter L and her daughter A.  Laura and A are best good friends, in the way that only toddlers can be.  They adore each other without shyness or inhibition.  L is just as awesome.  So when L asked if Laura and I would like to join them at this concert, I jumped at the chance.

I may or may not enjoy the music tomorrow.  We'll see.  But I do know I will enjoy the concert.  I can't wait to sit with L, watching Laura and A bask in their friendship.