Friday, September 30, 2011


My family is obsessed with Lefties.  With good reason: my mom is a lefty.  She loves being a lefty.  She was utterly disappointed that four out of four children were decidedly righties.  She was overjoyed when I married a lefty.


Nate is a lefty (duh, since he's the only person I've ever married).  He loves being a lefty.  He and my mom began to like each other when they found out they are both lefties.  I think there is some sort of lefty club with a secret lefty handshake.  I feel a little left out, pun intended!


My mom's secret hope in life is that at least one of her grandchildren be a lefty.  She says it's because she feels like she missed out on our childhoods by not being able to teach us to tie our shoes.  I'm still trying to figure out why she couldn't do that.  As it was, I taught myself at age four after watching Bert and Ernie tie their shoes.  I digress.


We have been watching Laura like a hawk since birth to see which hand she would favor.  Early on, it looked like things were tending left.  She threw us for a loop for a few months, by preferring to use her right.  But now, at 20 months old, she is clearly favoring the preferred hand:


You see that crayon there?  In her left hand?  LEFTY!  Without fail, she ends up coloring with her left hand.  Yeah, her right hand gets a little "cah-yer" action sometimes, but she always winds up transering the crayon back to her preferred, left hand.


My family couldn't be more excited to have another lefty in the club.