Thursday, September 8, 2011

More rain?

I'm feeling all yucky today.  I've said it before, but this rainy weather really gets me down.  We are on what seems like Day 92 of rainy, dreary weather, and it's really messing with my ability to find the good in anything.  My tummy is all in knots.  Last night, I sat on a train in the station for an hour.  We left the station a full hour late.  And this was the early train I hopped on because I had a bad feeling that the trains would be delayed.  Nate had to cancel an appointment to get Laura from day care on time, since I was still sitting on the wretched train.  It was not our best night.

I got really upset on the train, all panicky about getting Laura, and I had a lot of trouble letting it go.  I went to bed early, but was still feeling out of sorts this morning as the rain poured down outside my window.  I went to the gym, and really pushed myself till my legs were wobbly, just trying to burn off the feeling of impending doom.  Instead of shaking the feeling, the workout just left me feeling even more spent.  I need some sun.