Monday, September 19, 2011

Lawn Seats

I don't know why anyone bought actual seats for the Laurie Berkner Band concert this weekend.  Seriously.  What was the point of seats, when every single child was running amok on the lawn?  My friend and I nodded in agreement: lawn seats are the way to go.  Children running everywhere, hurling fistfuls of goldfish crackers about the lawn, darting, jumping and dancing.  Lots of dancing.

I can't remember much about the actual music.  It didn't make my ears bleed.  But it also wasn't all that memorable.  I have a feeling that parents who have listened to the CDs on a loop would beg to differ.  I can tell you that Laurie was up on stage in a hot pink and gold tutu - IN HEELS - expending more energy in one song than I can expend in a week.  It was impressive. 

Laura and her friend had a fabulous time, even though the other mother and I were completely unprepared.  We were not told we needed to bring silly animal hats to participate with various songs!  I think Laura and A will survive, but still.  All in all, it was a fun event.  I'm glad we went!  Our two little friends held hands the whole car ride home.  Does it get any cuter?
Ahh! The cuteness!