Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh Happy Day

Labor Day has come and gone, leaving the first stirrings of Autumn in its wake.  Children are lined up at bus stops, hoodies wrapped around their too-cool bodies.  Here are some things making me happy today:

Exhibit A

1) Laura is wearing an honest-to-God fall outfit at school today!  With pants!  And an autumnal-orange shirt!  She looks both adorable and grown-up.  She's closer to 2 than to 1, after all (see Exhibit A)!

2) It's my dad's birthday!  Happy birthday, Dad!

3) It was Laura's buddy's 2nd birthday this weekend!  Laura got to wield a bat and whack her first pinata (see Exhibit B)!

Exhibit B

 4) We went to the State Fair yesterday, and lucked out on the rain.  We stayed dry, ate fried oreos (yummy, I think.  Maybe not.  No wait, they were good... er?), tortured Laura on a Carousel, and watched her flirt with her favorite boyfriend on the tractors (see Exhibit C).  The fair was when I realized, OMG I am such a suburbanite.  There were teenage girls leading cows to the competition ring like it was the cool thing to do.  Where I grew up?  Horses were the cool thing to lead around on a bridle, not cows.  And I was all, "Are there really that many working farms in Maryland?"  And Nate was all, "Um. DUH!"  So I guess I need to see more of Maryland before I can really call myself "Mrs. MidAtlantic," because I'm clearly from the Northeast, sorta.

Exhibit C

5) This morning was chilly.  Chilly enough that I wanted to wear flats, and then discovered that I can no longer safely walk in any of my fall-appropriate flats, because I have killed them.  Which means SHOE SHOPPING!

6) It's now cool and fall-ish enough outside that I can legitimately work on the Christmas projects I started in July without looking like a (completely) crazy person!  Yay!  Christmas!

7) Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back in town.