Monday, October 24, 2011

Daycare Woes... Again

Just as I was preparing to go back to work in April of 2010, I was horrified to hear that the State had rezoned the daycare I had lovingly picked out, and they could no longer take Laura.  I almost threw up.

A few weeks ago, I was chatting with the owner of Laura's daycare about something random when she brought up some "changes" the center was making to keep the State happy.  Basically, Laura was moving into the two-year-old class a little early, because the State decided that this (brand-new) center could only support 12 infants, not the original 18 they were zoned for.  I took the news in stride and moved on with my day.

I was all non-chalant and fine, until this morning.  This morning, I dropped Laura in the infant room.  Only, it wasn't the infant room I know and remember.  This place is completely reorganized.  It looks completely different.  There was a note in Laura's cubby telling "the parents," not me specifically, that some of the infants are moving into the two's room this week.

I am not prepared for this.  Mentally or physically.   The center has given so little information about this change.  I don't know what I'm supposed to pack for Laura's lunch.  I don't even know what sort of sheet to pack for the cot she'll be on for naps instead of her safe crib.

I was fine a few weeks ago about this move, because I figured the center would prepare us - children and adults - for the move.  I figured it was still a few months off.  I figured I'd know where to drop my child every morning.  I figured I could trust the people watching my daughter to keep me informed. 

So now what?  I just keep up a facade that I'm cool with all this?  I pretend that I'm not livid that they'll still charge the infant rate, even though my daughter won't have as many teachers or as much attention?  I keep my feelings of worry and insecurity to myself as I toss my daughter into a playroom of much larger children?  What am I supposed to do?