Monday, October 17, 2011

Home Sick

This pot brought to you by the makers of Dora and Chloroseptic.

Laura's home sick today. Not with hand foot mouth disease, like I feared, but with a cold gone rogue. She has a really painful sore on her tongue. A combo of biting her tongue in a fall and a mean virus. So she's a slobbery, biting mess. Makes putting ambesol on the sore very dangerous for my fingers.

After the third bite and tear fest, I remembered Chloroseptic. It says three and up, but my fingers couldn't take any more bites. Oh, sweet spray of relief! We are much happier. Though still slobbery.

I have to admit, as awful as goopy, boogery, slobbery Laura is today, I really needed a day home. We had a great weekend, but it left me exhausted. I'm really struggling to find foods that both sound appealing and don't leave me feeling really sick. I don't remember my first tri with Laura being this hard. I really need to find some friendly foods, and fast.

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