Thursday, October 13, 2011

Have a Fly Day

The kool jazz kat ringing me up at the cafeteria just wished me a "Fly Day."  At first, I thought I heard him say have a nice day or something normal, but no.  My ears were just confused.

Have a fly day.

That's freaking awesome!  The words of a sixty-year-old man in a chefs smock (hat jauntily tilted back) just used some really fly language.  To me, the prissy girl buying a bagel and a ginger ale.  Those words by themselves are enough to make this gray, rainy day pretty damn fly.

Things that are also fly?  I was viciously verbally attacked by a coworker yesterday in front of the entire staff, and I didn't get upset.  I mean, it's not cool that this bitch I work with was so totally uncalled for.  Not at all.  But it's really cool that I found a way to completely brush it off.

I've never liked Kate.  She's never liked me.  We sit in cubes next to each other, but it's ok because we don't often have to actually work together.  We can ignore each other just fine.  Yesterday, though a bit early, I announced in a rarely-held all staff meeting that I am pregnant.  My coworkers burst into applause - unexpected but totally welcome.  As the applause died down, Kate pipes up, "Is that why you've been so grumpy lately?"

I was stunned.  Grumpy?  I've been grumpy?  I wasn't even here last week!  I was about to feel all hurt and wounded for my happy news being so completely squashed by the evil hand of Kate.

And then I realized that then entire staff heard her callous and mean words.  She could not have looked like a bigger, meaner idiot.  I spent the rest of the day reveling in her sheer stupidity.  I call that a pretty fly day.