Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Preggo Eats: Chicken Parm

I had this hankering for chicken parm last night.  I don't usually use the word "hankering," but that's seriously what this was.  I needed chicken parm.  Only... I could not bear the thought of touching, preparing, or cooking raw chicken.  That's a preggo brain for you.

But I went to the grocery store to get a few things, and to look for some non-raw-chicken way of making chicken parm for dinner.  I debated using a large number of frozen chicken tenders.  I debated ordering some chicken parm, already cooked, from a take-out place near the house.  I searched the Stouffers section high and low for a plastic dish of cooked chicken parm.

And then I walked past the deli section, where I saw a huge platter of cooked breaded chicken cutlets, just waiting for me.  For $3.49 a pop.  Here's the debate in my preggo brain:

"Wow, that's kinda expensive for chicken.  I think I'll pass."
"But for $3.49?  I could make that myself for half the cost."
"Raw chicken is ewwy gross!  I could make that, but I'd have to TOUCH raw chicken!"
"Oh wow, I am so right.  $3.49 is a freaking bargain!"

That's how I went home with four chicken cutlets, a jar of tomato sauce, a package of sliced provolone cheese, and a loaf of garlic bread.  The chicken parm? Was freaking delicious.