Saturday, October 8, 2011

What if...

What if nothing shows on the ultrasound Monday morning.

What if there's no heartbeat.

What if we aren't pregnant.

Would we try again? Even though a pregnancy just getting started this fall wouldn't fit in our plans for the next two years?

But what if it's two babies? Twins, sharing my body? Two heartbeats?

When I went for my 8 week appointment with Laura, I just assumed I'd see one little blob, beating back at me on the screen. When my mom asked if the doctor was certain it was only one baby, I was shocked: I just assumed it would only be one.

This time, I have this nagging feeling about my 8 week appointment. Maybe there won't be a baby. Maybe there will be two! I am so excited for this appointment, for this chance to peek inside my womb. But I am nervous, too. Monday, please come fast.

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