Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Baa's Backie

Today was not my best day.  It started with some shocking news at day care.  Namely that they are doing away with part time care in the infant room by the time Gavin is ready to start day care in August.  WHAT?!

Then I got a weird phone call from the pharmacy stating that my insurance had been terminated.  WHAT?  Thank you, government, for issuing me new health coverage that is exactly the same as before but with a different member number... without telling me.  Thankfully, that panic was quickly abated.

Then I received word that UPS wasn't going to be able to pick up the destroyed-on-delivery mini fridge we received as a Christmas gift.  Long story.

Then I was hit with some major deadlines at work.  Major like woah.

Then I found out that a coworker just landed a new job at a new museum.  As much as I want to be happy for her, all I can find in my heart is jealousy.  It's a great position, with a salary to make me freak out a little less about my apparently increasining day care costs.  And I like the girl and all... but, LORD.  Why didn't I apply to that job?!  (answer: sucky commute.)

It was a rough day, that I might have handled better if I had been able to come home to Nate and talk it through.  But Nate's in Dallas of all places this week, leaving me home by myself with Laura.  I know I am perfectly capable of caring for my daughter on my own for a few days.  But all the extra stress from today doesn't make this week any easier!  I'm doing my best, handling it, and calming down a little from the (probably minor) "stresses" of this day.

In one last minute panic this evening, Baa (Laura's sheep BFF) lost his special blankie.  Yeah, Baa has his own blankie, and he can't sleep without it.  This sent both Laura and me into a whirlwind search for the blankie (backie, as Laura calls it).  After digging through every toy basket and even my own bed to find the little blankie, I told a fib while I silently prayed to St. Anthony.  "It must be in the laundry!  Baa can't sleep with a dirty blankie, so we'll look for it in the morning."  We compromised on a substitute blankie for the night and finished our bedtime routine.

And then, in a stroke of Catholic saint miracles, we found Baa's backie under Laura's special pillow.  I could have sworn I looked under there before, but that's how St. Anthony works.  Mysteriously.  Thank you, St. Anthony, for allowing Laura and Baa to sleep soundly.  And you know what else?  I felt like a pretty fantastic mom in that moment of compromising with Baa and Laura.  I felt like an even more fantastic mom when we found Baa's backie under the pillow.  So all in all, maybe today wasn't such a bad day after all.