Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Brain Dump

  1. I honestly wanted to post today... but couldn't think of any one single coherent thought to form into a post.

  2. And then a leak happened in our public space and we had to scramble to protect objects.  Leaks always happen on Fridays.

  3. So I really didn't have anything to blog about.

  4. But thenI clicked over to Heir to Blair to see what Beth Anne had to say.

  5. GENIUS.

  6. I started feeling really huge pregnant last night.  Like huge.

  7. Then I realized I still have FOUR MONTHS TO GO.  And I'm about to get way huger.

  8. I need to stop thinking I feel so huge. 

  9. I made a sort of decision about names over here... Hi.  My name is Caitlin.  I like to blog.  My blog is named after the physical region in which I reside, but not one where I am "from."  But if you are looking for a bloggy buddy who happens to live in the MidAtlantic?  You came to the right place. 

  10. I even updated the About Us tab to show off my new real name.  Caitlin.  If you say it enough times, it becomes sorta disembodied and sounds really weird.  Who would name their kid Caitlin?  Someone in the 80's.