Monday, January 30, 2012


It's official.  Laura is two.

I dropped her off with the big kids this morning.  She looked so tiny next to the four-year-old who took her hand to play in the playhouse.  I could hardly believe she was supposed to be in that room!  By the way, thank you to the sweet four-year-old who took a mothering wing to my not-so-baby-girl!

We celebrated Laura's birthday in grand style on Saturday.  Pizza and cupcakes with grandparents, aunts and uncles.  Our families gathered together for four hours to watch Laura run in circles around our little house.  We all were aching from laughter after two hours.  Laura opened presents, played with presents, opened some more presents... And finally blew out her candles.  She was such a pro with the candles and blew them out so quickly, we actually had to relight them so I could get better pictures!

Laura is one of the funniest people I know.  She has a great sense of humor, laughing at jokes and making her own.  Just this morning, we shared a giggle over the thought of our dog taking a shower.  She tells jokes to her toys, and laughs along with herself. 

Laura is a fantastic reader.  She grabs books to read to her dolls and shares with them the most elaborate plots.  Half her sentences are gibberish, but half are actual English!  I watch from the sidelines and giggle at the stories she reads.  Laura is getting very good at memorizing some of the stories we read to her, which I proudly think is the first step towards recognizng words for reading and writing.  And as a bookworm myself, nothing makes me happier than to see my two-year-old choose books as her favorite activity!

Laura gives the best hugs and kisses... when you can catch her!  She is incredibly active, running all over everywhere.  She hardly stops a minute.  Except for a story.  After a quick snuggle on a lap for a little Max & Ruby, she's off again with a wave of her hand and a "later!"

I am so filled with admiration for my little two-year-old.  I just can't help but smile at her pretty face and goofy grin.  This is going to be a big year for her, meeting her little brother in a few months.  I worry sometimes how much we are rocking her young boat this year.  But then I watch her at play, nurturing her ten babies (all with names and personalities), and just know that she will adapt and love her family with all her heart.

Laura is two.