Thursday, March 29, 2012

32 Weeks

I thought I'd kick it old school with a Preggo questionnaire stat post.  Complete with belly picture!

It's seriously like I put a basketball under my dress and told everyone I was pregnant.

Total weight gain/loss: Not a clue, but probably somewhere over 20 pounds?  I'll find out at my check-up tomorrow!

Maternity clothes? YES!  One of my best friends had her second baby about three weeks ago.  Last week, Laura and I got to go over to their house to see the new baby.  I arrived bearing trays of baked stuffed shells, and left with a huge tub of Spring/Summer maternity clothes.  I fresh outlook on my wardrobe has really helped!!

Sleep: I can sleep alright IF I'm in the guest bed (which is too small to share with Nate), and I don't drink too much water before bed, but I'm not too thirsty (it's a delicate balance), and if the fire alarm battery doesn't die at 1am, and if the Noisy Puppy behind us isn't up all night.  So, um, it's not great.

Best moment this week: The past weekend was pretty fantastic, with Hunger Games on Friday, Newsies in NYC on Saturday, and Mad Men on Sunday.  Laura has been a really hysterical gem this week, and I have new-to-me clothes that make me feel pretty.  On the other hand, work this week has been a nightmare.  I'm really glad tomorrow is Friday.

Movement: Nonstop and ridiculous.  I could do without the whacks to the cervix.  Seriously kid, you are already showing signs of ADHD.  Not cool.

Food cravings: Veal piccata (finally satisfied this week!), sparkling citrus-scented water, grapes, ham & cheese croissants

Gender: All boy, baby!

Labor signs: I thought I had "Braxton-Hicks" with Laura, but I was clearly inexperienced in the ways of late pregnancy tightening and cramping.  Anything I felt with Laura prior to my water breaking at 2am was fluff compared to some of the tightening and cramping I've felt with Gavin!  There are moments where I forget to breath, my stomach is so tight.  Great sign for my ability to labor through real contractions during labor, right?  Yeah, I'm pretty much screwed.

Belly button? It looks really weird, distended and ridiculous.  And has for weeks.  I don't think it could protrude further.  Then again, I have another 5-10 weeks to go.  Anything is possible.

What I miss: I'd like to sleep in the same bed/room as my husband again.  I miss him, all alone in the other room.  I just wish our actual mattress were as wonderful as the one in the guest room!

Weekly wisdom: A few additions to your wardrobe can go miles to making you feel a little less huge, pregnant, fumpy and awful.  Even if those additions are used!

Milestones: Um... I am feeling better finally?  Only took 7 months...